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PLEASE NOTE: Our fostering program in on hold due to covid.

We are revamping our Foster program. What we hope to accomplish is creating a larger base of fosters so we can help more chinchillas. As well, the more fosters we have the better it is so one person isn't having to take in tons of chins. 

To foster with the CCR we need you to follow a few steps to ensure that fostering is the right choice for you. Fostering is vital for rescues. However there are responsibilities that our fosters have to follow. 

What we need from a foster:

1. Fosters have to first and foremost care for the chinchilla. This includes:

*Feed the chinchilla (pellets and hay)
*ensuring filtered water is available to the chinchilla in a glass water bottle
*offer treats
*clean the cage in a regular timeframe
*offer chews and toys
* interact with the chin and offer playtime only in a safe manner
Fosters must follow our philosophy when it comes to caring for the rescue chins.  This can be found at:  Even if the foster owns their own chinchillas and does things differently, they need to ensure that CCR's guidelines are being followed.

Fosters are also responsible for getting pictures of the chin sent to the rescue as needed. We need pics for the rescue site, facebook, twitter and possible adopters.

As well fosters are responsible to take their foster chin to the CCR vet as needed. All vetting is paid for by the rescue.  We do ask that fosters pay for hay, pellets, treats, and shavings. We do get these at a discounted rate and will allow fosters to use that discounted rate for their other small pets while they are fostering.  
One of the most important duties for fosters is letting potential adopters come over and meet the chinchilla(s).  All interested people are screened before coming for a visit and this is when most people want to meet the chin they want to adopt.  We just need fosters to let us know if they have any concerns.   

What CCR provides:
When you foster with CCR we provide their cage, access to discounted supplies and pay for all vetting. We offer ongoing support and will help you with anything you need.  
Time of fostering 
We can't say for sure how long you will need to foster a certain chinchilla.  It all depends on when that chinchilla gets adopted.  Some chinchillas aren't in the rescue for long, others spend years waiting for their FURever home.  
If you can no longer foster all we ask it that you give us ample notice to find another foster.   
If you want to foster we ask that you first read over and then fill out an application and email it to: [email protected]  
The APPLICATION (copy and paste it into an email and answer all questions:





1. Do you own or rent your home?

2. Are you able to make the decision to bring in a foster animal into your home? (ie you live with a parent)

3. Do you own chinchillas?

  If yes, how many and what are their sexes?

  How long have you owned chinchillas?

4. Do you have any other pets?

5. Do you have space to do quarantine and keep the rescue chinchilla away from other pets?

6. Are you able to pick up supplies as needed from the rescue or other foster? And do you understand that these supplies will be discounted?

7. Do you understand that there is no timetable on how long it can take for a chin to be adopted?

8. Are you fine with people coming to visit the chin if they are interested in adoption?

9. Do you or anyone in the home have allergies?

10. Do you have a pet sitter if you go on vacation?

11. Are there children in the home?

12. Do you understand that we do not permit the use of running balls (death balls), harnesses, plastic wheels or ramps? (there are many other items but that will be discussed in great length)

13. Are you able to take the rescue chinchilla to the vets if an emergency comes up? (vet costs will be covered by the rescue).

14. Are you willing to look after multiple chinchillas if they are bonded?

15. Do you understand that you will not be paid to be a foster?

16. Are you able to offer the chinchilla playtime in a safe area?  
Once you are approved: 
Once you are approved we email you the foster guidelines as well as the foster contract.  The contract needs to be signed and returned to us.  Then we will set up a time and date for you to pick up your new foster and all their supplies. 
Can a foster adopt? 
Yes a foster can adopt BUT they will have to get their own cage and items for their new chin. We will do an adoption contract and make it official. Once a chinchilla has been adopted the rescue will no longer be responsible for vet bills. 




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