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We have many chinchillas available!  Please read over all the Bios and see if one or two of the chins will fit into your life.  When you have decided on a chin, please fill out the Adoption Application.

Chinchillas are fostered in private homes.   Each bio will have where the chinchilla is fostered.  Because they are in private homes we need to arrange a visit based on when the foster is available. 

ADOPTION FEES ARE: $75 for single chinchillas and $110 for a pair


NOTE: if you have ANY questions or aren't sure about anything, please email me:[email protected] I am more than happy to answer any question you may have.

Dexter- Male Standard Chinchilla

Dexter is a male standard chinchilla who is under 5 years of age.  He is a very sweet boy to humans but not so much with other chins.  He should never be paired with another chinchilla, ever.  Fostered in North York

Sadie- Female Standard Chinchilla

Sadie was surrendered to the Brampton Animal Shelter.  They contacted us to take her in and she is settling in very well.  A very nice chin.  She doesn't like her cage to be bothered with and will spray sometimes.  She loves to run on her wheel and enjoys getting a twig. Sadie is a messy girl in her cage and likes to push all her shavings out of the way.  She does have some cage aggression but with the right home should settle in.  

 Fostered in Mississauga.

Elsa- Female Beige Fur Chewer

Elsa is a very nice chinchilla who fur chews. She stops for long periods of time and then starts up again. She loves to run on her wheel and also loves getting twigs.  Elsa is a great hay eater and is a very nice chin.  Don`t let her idea of bad hair cut scare you away. She is a very nice chinchilla!

She is fostered Mississauga.

Furiosa- Female Standard 2-5 years

Furiosa was sent to us from the Lincoln County Humane Society.  We don't have much info on her past or how old she is.  She loves to run on her wheel but she is an extreme fur chewer. A very nice chin who just needs a forever home! She is an excellent hay eater and also has issues destroying her fleece tube!

Fostered in Mississauga.

George- 5 Year Standard Male

George is a new arrival to the rescue and will be up for adoption soon. He is a nice boy who likes scritches. We are still getting to know George and will update this soon.

Fostered in Mississauga.

Leonard- Male Standard age unknown

Leonard was found with Penny in a rubbermaid container by some train tracks. They were transferred to us from the Welland Humane Society. All males and females are split up and Leonard is getting used to the bachelor life. His former flame Penny has had 2 kits. 

Fostered in Mississauga.

Roo- Female Standard age unknown

Roo has been gaining weight since she arrived at the rescue. We want her to get a little more weight on before she goes up for adoption. 

A very nice girl who is cautious about people and prefers you not handle her.

Penny- Standard Female Age Unknown

Penny delivered 2 kits just after arriving here and is now ready for her own home. She is a very nice girl who is very curious and loves to run on her chin spin.

Fostered in Mississauga.

Nico- Violet Male chinchilla

Nico is a nice male who doesn't get along with other chinchillas. He would be best on his own. 

Fostered in North York.

Jude and Percy (Pink white and Standard Bonded Male pair)

Jude and Percy are bonded and very nice boys. They both want out of cage time and are very sweet.

Mr Carlos- Mosaic Male

Mr Carlos is a very nice boy and very talkative. He loves to run on his chin spin and loves to come up for a twig. 

Fostered in Mississauga.

Eros- Standard Male

Eros is a very nice boy who loves to run on his saucer. He loves when you come over to say hello and wants his own home.

Fostered in Mississauga. 

Casey and Finnegan- Bonded Male pair Standards

Casey and Finnegan were originally found in a container in Grimsby. They were sent to a shelter and then adopted out and then returned, These boys need a home and are both very sweet. 

Zelda and Wonder- Bonded pair of Standard females

Zelda is the bigger of the 2 girls. They are around 4-5 years old and are still settling in. Both girls like to chill out and watch what is going on. Zelda is always the first one to come up to the cage and see if you have a treat.

Fostered in Mississauga.