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Owning a pet is a big responsibility.  It is a long term commitment that has financial responsibilities.  So before filling out the application, please answer these questions to yourself:


1. AM I willing to have a pet for up to 20 years?

2. AM I able to ensure my pet will be able to go to the vet when needed no matter what?

3. AM I always going to be able to give my pet attention and care?

4. WILL I ever want to rehome my pet due to having a child?

5. AM I able to buy my pet their basic supplies?

6. AM I able to always ensure they have a clean cage?

7. AM I okay knowing my pet must have air conditioning NO MATTER WHAT?

8. IF I move I will bring my pet with me?

9. I understand owing a pet is a commitment as long as the pet lives?

10. I will not get tired of owning a pet? 


Application for adopting a chinchilla

NOTE: if you are under 18, your parent must fill out this form AS well as the Under 18 form (below this one), we do NOT adopt chinchillas out as gifts, we do NOT do trial runs, and we do not allow any of the rescues to be adopted as a chin to be bred.

If you aren't ready to submit an application and want to discuss any part of adoption, please feel free to email me:[email protected]

If you are interested in adopting a chinchilla you may copy and paste the following application into an email and send it to: [email protected]  We want to find the best homes for the rescues and your answers will help with that. Note: this is just the 1st step in the adoption  process.

Please answser ALL the questions  (YES there are many questions but we want to make sure you know what the pet you are adopting and make sure you have educated yourself.)

Before Filling this out please read

Once you have emailed the application it can take us up to 7 days to respond. If you do not get a response in that time please email again as a reminder. 




1. How old are you?

2. Do you have a cage?    (attach a pic if you have a proper cage please)


PLEASE NOTE: the ONLY cage we will now be approving for adoption are the Midwest Ferret Nation (the critter nation bars will break over time) OR Quality Cage Townhome or Mansion. WE WILL NOT APPROVE ANY homemade cages as there has been too many inappropriate cage submissions. 

3. Do you have Air Conditioning?

4 Are there any children in your home?

5 Do you or anyone in your home suffer from allergies? 

6 Do you have any other pets in your home (this includes pets of room-mates, pets you are fostering, pets you are babysitting)?

7. Have you owned chinchillas before?

8 Have you researched chinchillas including reading

9  Do you know how long a chinchilla may live for, how long?

10 Do you understand that no rescue should be bred, ever? (that includes allowing playtime with a chinchilla of the opposite sex.)

11 If you have a chinchilla already do you plan to do a quarantine? AND do you understand what quarantine is?

12 Do you know a store where you can purchase your supplies?

13 Do you plan to adopt a male or female?  If male do you understand hair ring checks?

14. DO you understand that ROLLING BALLS (death balls) are NEVER, EVER to be used with chinchillas?  They are SUPER dangerous!

15. Do you understand that no plastic is to be used with a chinchilla?

 16. Do you know what treats are safe? (name them)

17. Do you realized that sugar, nuts and fruits and vegs are NOT safe for chinchillas? 

18.Do you know what brand of food you will buy for your chin? (Name Brand please) 

19. Do you know that chinchillas can be VERY messy? Their poop and hay gets EVERYWHERE! Are you okay with a messy pet? 

20. Do you know which chinchilla(s) you wish to adopt?

21. Will you be able to give your chinchilla playtime daily?

22. Do you understand that chinchillas don't like to held for the most part?

23. Have you ever rehomed a pet before? IF so why?

24. Do you understand that many products in pet stores are unsafe and by reading the info sites you now know what products to stay away from?

25. Do you have a vet that sees chinchillas?  If so please name.  If not, do you know of a vet that sees chinchillas? 

26. Do you understand that the start up costs will be very high? (see shopping list) 

27. Have you read over how the adoption process works? 

28. Do you understand that if you have bought supplies already, some may not be safe and cannot be used to ensure your chinchilla is safe?  NOTE: please read over the shopping list to ensure you are buying appropriate items.  It is always best to WAIT until after your visit before buying items.  

29. If you or your partner/wife/girlfriend were to become pregnant would you rehome your pets?

30. What action would you take if you were to develop an allergy to the chinchilla dust or hay?

IF you are under 18 years of age....


Under 18 Parental Form for Adopting a Chinchilla

1.       Has your child read ?  Have you?

2.       Are you willing to ensure that a chinchilla will be cared for should your child lose interest?

3.       If your child goes off to college or university are you prepared that this will be your pet?

4.       Do you understand that should this animal become ill you must take it to a vet which may be costly? (under the law it is neglect if you do not seek vet care for an ill animal)

5.       Do you understand that chinchillas need specific pellets, hay and safe treats?

6.       Do you understand that the chinchilla MUST have a clean cage and should your child not do this, you must do so?

7.       Do you understand that chinchillas MUST have air conditioning in the summer and cannot be warm or can get heat stroke and die?

8.       Are you okay with your child adopting a chinchilla from the rescue?

Please ensure you and your child have also filled out the regular application form. 





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